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Third Grade Curriculum

Third Grade Curriculum

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In this third grade workbook, students will learn about Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Networking and Data Analysis.  Students will write actual code and the only tool required is a web browser.

As a mom stuck at home with 2 kids of my own during the COVID-19 outbreak, I'm also looking for ways to do remote learning.  This YouTube series and workbook, will help your child learn about computers and most importantly, staying safe online.

- 6 lessons for every grade level to enforce the learning of Computer Science concepts so you can get consistent exposure for your child.
- Curriculum aligned to Virginia Computer Science Standards of Learning (SOLs) so they can be prepared for the future of work.
- Pre-recorded video lessons so children can pause, rewind, and learn at their own pace on their own time.  Your child can simply follow along with the videos freeing you up with precious time.  

- Affordable cost starting at $29 so you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars and question whether or not you got your money's worth.

Consider purchasing our digital product for immediate delivery. Please note that our books are printed on-demand in North Carolina. The book will arrive in approximately 2 weeks.

Watch our video tutorials for free here or on our YouTube playlist.  Buy this guide to allow your child to follow along.  Our videos are mostly unedited, so you'll get a look at real-life problem solving from overcoming audio problems to debugging code.