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PRIVATE LISTING Piper @ Rainbow Station at Three Chopt

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    Info: 6 one hour classes starting on Oct 19, 2017

    Day/Time: Thursday (Oct 19 - Nov 30)* 4:30pm-5:30pm

    *No class Thanksgiving week

    Location:  Rainbow Station @ Three Chopt

    Recommended Ages (8-14, no prior experience needed)

    Notes:   Students must be enrolled in the after school program (Village) at Rainbow Station Three Chopt. If you are signing up multiple children for this class, please add this to your cart multiple times (The quantity is not editable in your shopping cart).  Piper Universe is not an official version of Minecraft.

    Please note that students will not bring home their Piper unit unless they have purchased their own Piper.  If you are interested in purchasing Piper, we can provide you a discount code.

    Piper is a kit that allows children to exercise their critical thinking skills to build their own computer. The kit comes with no instructions so the ability to read is not a pre-requisite!  After building the Piper units, children will learn about Minecraft and circuitry and will build their own gaming console.

    After building the computer, the students will then play a custom version of Minecraft called Piper Universe.  Piper Universe will teach kids about electrical circuits and breadboards. There are also future plans to teach coding using the Piper unit.

    Children will learn the following concepts through teacher-led instruction and hands-on play:

    • What is Raspberry Pi?
    • Debugging Process/Critical Thinking Skills
    • Circuitry
    • Breadboards
    • Buttons
    • Switches
    • What is Minecraft?  What is Piper Universe?
    • Basic Functions in Minecraft (Info block, crafting table, placing blocks, breaking blocks, and scrolling your mouse)

    The class schedule can be found below:

    Oct. 19th - Finish Piper build.  Learn about different parts included in kit (breadboard, buttons, jumper wires, raspberry pi, etc.)

    Oct 26th - Button, Breadboards, Mars & Cheeseteroid levels

    Nov. 2nd - Input/Output, Treasure Hunt and Chain Reaction levels

    Nov. 9th - Polarity and Audio Outputs. Power Plant and Rainbow Bridge levels

    Nov. 16th - Parallel Circuits.  Funki Fungi and Return to Cheeseteroid Worlds

    Nov. 30th - Exploring possibilities with Piper from Programming in Python to 3-D Printing.  Deconstructing Piper.