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PiperCode Summer Camp @ LeafSpring - Wyndham

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Info: 4 one hour classes for $79

Ages: 8+ (We will have 7-10 Piper units and children will be separated according to age/ability.  Instruction will be tailored to your child. We can make it as challenging or as easy as you want)

Dates: Aug 6 - 10, 2018.  4:00-5:00 PM.  

    Notes:   Your child will not attend on the day that they have a field trip.  Middles (rising 2-4) will not have class on Wednesdays.  Seniors (rising 5th graders and older) will not have class on Thursdays.  If you are signing up multiple children for this class, please add this to your cart multiple times (The quantity is not editable in your shopping cart).  

    PiperCode utilizes Google Blockly to teach code.  Students will first learn the basics of Google Blockly.  Blockly allows children to switch from block-based code to text-based code in Python.  PiperCode allows children to interface with the Raspberry Pi, giving students a chance to create code that turns on lights, buzzers, etc.

    Some of the projects we will have available are found below (We will not have time to finish all of them, and it will depend on your child's ability):

    • Introduction:  What is Google Blockly? Intro to Python
    • Building a Stop Light
    • Build a game called Beat the Buzzer (where the first player to push a button after hearing a Buzzer wins)
    • Build an Electronic Game similar to the popular game "Simon"
    • Create a game to measure the speed of a fidget spinner
    • Create pseudocode and build your own electronic game from scratch (This project typically takes 3 hours to complete)
    • Create a Theremin (a musical instrument that measures the distance between your hand and the sensor to determine what sound to play)