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Osmo Coding Awbie (8/14/2017 - 8/17/2017)

Osmo Coding Awbie (8/14/2017 - 8/17/2017)

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Info: 4 1.5 hour classes starting on August 14, 2017

Day/Time: Mon, Tues, Wed (10:00 AM - 11:30) and Thurs (1:30 PM - 3:00 PM) 

*Please note that class is at 1:30 pm on Thursday

Dates: Aug 14, 2017 - Aug 17, 2017 

Location:  Fairy Tale Parties 10861 West Broad Street, Glen Allen, VA 23060

Recommended Ages (5-10, no prior experience needed)

Notes:   If you are signing up multiple children for this class, please add this to your cart multiple times (The quantity is not editable in your shopping cart)

Osmo is a series of learning games for the iPad. With Osmo, students will place physical blocks in front of an iPad, and the Osmo apps will read these blocks and perform actions on the screen.

Coding Awbie is an Osmo video game created to teach the basics of Coding. Awbie is the main character of the game and his goal is to retrieve all his lost pets, eating strawberries and pies for sustenance during his journey. The game teaches children basic coding concepts.

 At bitcubs, we’ve developed a physical game that introduces these concepts before the children get on the screen.

This series introduces the following concepts: 

  • What is a computer?
  • What is code and what are some real life examples of code?
  • What are the differences between 2-D and 3-D?
  • The basics of Osmo Coding (how it works, the rules of the game, and the storyline of the game)
  • Loops
  • Functions/Subroutines/Subprocedures
  • Conditional Statements and Negation

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