Teaching Basic Code to Kids Through Fun Cartoon Animation – bitcubs

bitcubs Is Teaching Kids Code Through Animation

Here Children Will Enjoy Learning Simple App Coding Principles With Funny Animated Cartoon Characters

Want to see the Bitcubs cartoon? Click to watch the animated video below:

Get Kids Excited About Learning Code

Stop trying to convince your child to take that coding class. Show them something that they'll want to watch over and over again. Help your child prepare for the upcoming computer science classes being incorporated into the K-12 curriculum.

Bitcubs Keep Bitmond City From Going Bankrupt

Governor Carena of Bitginia
Bitcubs Cartoon Character Governor Carena of Bitginia

About bitcubs Animated Cartoon Characters

The bitcubs are an international software development team comprised of animal cubs that live at the Bitmond zoo. Governor Carena of Bitginia summons the bitcubs at night to fix broken code and thwart the evil lord Bugnacious.

Bitcubs Cartoon Characters Pia, Ronna, and Solva

Watch As The bitcubs Drama Unfolds

Follow along as bitcubs Pia, Ranna, and Salwa use their tools to help stomp out evil Bugnacious and his attack on the ATM in Bitmond City.

Bitcubs Cartoon Characters Pia, Ronna, and Solva
Bitcubs Cartoon Character Evil Bugnacious
Bitcubs Cartoon Character Evil Bugnacious

Bug Stomp Bad Code

The bitcubs have until 6am tomorrow morning to fix the code that will stop Bugnacious from stealing all the money kept inside the Bitmond City ATM.

Meet The Tools The Bitcubs Use

Bitcubs Cartoon Characters The Curly Brace Twins
Bitcubs Cartoon Character Ida If
Bitcubs Cartoon Character Larry Loop
Bitcubs Cartoon Character Negative Nelly
Bitcubs Cartoon Character Sleepy Sam
Bitcubs Cartoon Character Billy Break
  • Curly Brace Twins: Open Curly and Close Curly
  • Ida If
  • Larry Loop
  • Billy Break
  • Negative "Not!" Nelly
  • Sleepy "Sleep" Sam