FAQs – bitcubs


  1. What ages are your programs for?  At bitcubs, most of our programs currently focus on children ages 3-14. We are currently building out programs to also teach children in high school as well. For the Osmo coding class, children can learn programming concepts as young as 5.  For the Piper classes, we find that at age 8 they have better dexterity to complete the tasks, but we won't stop a willing 5/6 year old from enrolling if they are interested.  Cubetto is a "no-screen" class that is geared towards children as young as 3!  Our main goal is to make coding an enjoyable experience. If we see that a child is becoming frustrated and not enjoying themselves, we may suggest waiting a year to take the class.  You'd be surprised how many kids take a class and don't want to leave.  
  2. Does my child need programming experience? No, not for the Osmo and Piper classes.  We believe any child can learn coding!  
  3. What programming languages do you teach?  In Cubetto and the Osmo Coding classes, we focus on Tangible Programming which involves learning code by physically connecting blocks together.  These languages are typically proprietary languages that were created for the sole purpose of teaching children; they aren't programming languages that are used to build websites.  We teach these languages so that children can learn the basic concepts of coding and be better prepared before they take more advanced classes. With PiperCode, Google Blockly is used and the children will program by dragging and dropping blocks on the screen. With this version of Google Blockly that's included in PiperCode, the children will be able to see the resulting code in Python.
  4. Can I take my computer home with me?  For the Piper class, the students will disassemble and return the Piper units to bitcubs on the last day of class.  You have the option of buying a new Piper kit home to continue the learning process. Promo codes for bitcubs students will be provided upon request.
  5. I don't see a time/class/location that works with my schedule.  What should we do?  We plan on growing our number of classes and locations over the next few years.  Please log your interest in this marketing survey so we can figure out the best classes to teach.  https://bitcubs.typeform.com/to/B7S84I
  6. Can you come to our school/daycare/after-school program? We would love to talk to you about coming to your child's school, daycare, or after-school program.  Please email amber@bitcubs.com or call 804-876-BITS to initiate the conversation.