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Work with us

Who we need

Currently, we aren't actively seeking employees, but we anticipate needing to hire over the next several years.  If interested, please email

What we look for

The number one quality that we look for in all candidates is a passion for working with children.  Ideal candidates would have prior experience teaching children in some capacity.   We need people that understand how children learn and people that have the compassion and patience it takes to guide young children.  Ideal candidates would have experience working with children as well as programming experience.  All candidates must be able to pass a basic background check.

Teacher's Aids

For each class, we will need at least one teacher aid.  This position is great for a high school student or college intern.  We look for people studying computer-related fields as well as people with prior experience working with children.

Career Path

At bitcubs, we believe in rewarding our employees that help to build our company and brand.  Most employees will start by becoming a teacher's aid so they can learn how the classes are taught.  They can then become lead teachers.  After a certain period of time, we will train teachers that are interested about running the business, growing the company, and expanding our footprint.