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Technology Apparel and Accessories

In March 2018, we began collaborating with local artists and creating different STEM-themed apparel and Accessories.

Help foster your child's interest in all things technology-related!  Purchase apparel that will remind them how fun it is to work with technology. We also sell apparel for teenagers and adults.

The bitcubs program is a series of classes dedicated to introducing coding concepts to children at a young age.  Please note that every purchase will help fund the bitcubs program. To watch us in action, please follow us on Instagram (@bitcubs).
The artist, Corrin Brewer, is a children's book illustrator and an early childhood educator in art.  A royalty fee will also be paid to the artist.


Please allow 2-2.5 weeks for delivery since all items are created "on-demand".   We're sorry for the inconvenience, but please understand that it takes time to manufacture and ship. 

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