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Third Grade Curriculum

Third Grade Curriculum

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Give your child the unfair advantage by teaching them Computer Science at an early age when they are eager learners and sponges of information. 

Stop worrying about how your child is going to add Computer Science studies to their already packed schedules. We've figured out a way to teach Computer Science and make it fun, affordable, and nearly effortless for parents.

- 6 lessons for every grade level to enforce the learning of Computer Science concepts so you can get consistent exposure for your child.
- Curriculum aligned to Virginia Computer Science Standards of Learning (SOLs) so they can be prepared and you don't have to worry about them playing "catch-up" in the future when Computer Science is fully integrated into all K-12 schools.
- Pre-recorded video lessons so children can pause, rewind, and learn at their own pace on their own time. You won't have to haul your kid to yet another after-school activity. Your child can simply follow along with the videos freeing you up with precious time.  
- Affordable cost starting at $29 so you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars and question whether or not you got your money's worth.

If you would like to see videos created for other grade levels, then please SHARE this page.  That will let us know that there's interest so we can invest more of our time and money in creating more videos.

Watch our video tutorials for free here or on our YouTube playlist.  Buy this guide to allow your child to follow along.  Our videos are mostly unedited, so you'll get a look at real-life problem solving from overcoming audio problems to debugging code.