bitCubs Curriculum - Give your child the unfair advantage by buying th – bitcubs

bitCubs Curriculum - Give your child the unfair advantage by buying the bitCubs curriculum and teaching them computer science in a fun way!

Stop worrying about how your child is going to add Computer Science studies to their already packed schedules.  We've figured out a way to teach Computer Science and make it fun, affordable, and effortless for parents.

  • 6 lessons for every grade level to enforce the learning of Computer Science concepts so you can get consistent exposure for your child.
  • Curriculum aligned to Virginia Computer Science Standards of Learning (SOLs) so they can be prepared and you don't have to worry about them playing "catch-up" in the future when Computer Science is fully integrated into all K-12 schools.
  • Pre-recorded video lessons so children can pause, rewind, and learn at their own pace on their own time. You won't have to haul your kid to yet another after-school activity. Your child can simply follow along with the videos freeing you up with precious time.
  • Affordable cost starting at $29 so you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars and question whether or not you got your money's worth.
  • TBA: Optional Choice to view content outside of YouTube so you can have more control of the content your child watches.
  • TBA: Optional Choice to hire qualified professionals to tutor your child one-on-one.
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