Coding Jam (Ages 5-10) – bitcubs

Coding Jam (Ages 5-10)

Recommended Ages (5-10. no coding experience needed)

Info: 4 1 hr classes

Class size is limited so early enrollment is highly suggested.

In the Coding Jam series, we'll learn how to code while making music.  These classes will start by playing a game developed by bitcubs.  We'll make silly sounds to compose a song that sure to cause a lot of laughter.  Children will learn the following basic coding concepts by playing the game:

  • What is a computer program?
  • What is a coding language?
  • Commands
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Sleep/Pause

At the second half of the class, children will then play Osmo Coding Jam to reinforce what they have learned. For more information on Osmo coding and Coding Jam, click here:

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