Summer Intern Experience – bitcubs

Summer Intern Experience

Summer Internship at Bitcubs

This year’s interns came from Deep Run’s Center for Information Technology. Jocelyn Marencik, Salwa Balla and Maxwell Lane worked jointly with the Amber Manry to go out in the community and teach the local youth about computer science fundamentals. They also worked to accomplish all tasks to help build the Bitcubs business.



Occasionally, we would hold camps at Leaf Spring daycare centers, where we’d introduce computing concepts like electrical wiring, coding, circuits, functions, etc. to some of the students. They would be immersed in the games and activities, all while developing fun relationships with the interns. Some of the students played the Hogwarts universe and took Hogwarts quizzes with Salwa, others built the computers with Maxwell, and others coded music on the Pipers with Jocelyn. The interns helped the students thoroughly understand Piper, all while having fun!


Every other Monday, the interns helped students in first through eighth grade learn about programming basics using Cubetto robots, Osmo Coding Jam kits, and Piper wooden computers.  They learned about how to write an algorithm, how loops work, and how to develop a function in their code. Students in first and second grades also incorporated storytelling and the importance of recycling into their projects with Cubetto robots.


At the innovation center, we do a lot of behind-the-scenes work, including making lesson plans, doing social media advertising, discussing potential camp plans, giving feedback, and much more. The innovation center is where all the business tasks are accomplished.

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